Fiction festival 2015 archive

Friday 13th March 7.30 pm

Romesh Gunesekera and Lynn Shepherd

Chaired by Rachel Hore

Saturday 14th March 11.00 am

Rachel Hore, Ann Thwaite and Teresa Waugh

Chaired by Christopher West

Saturday 14th March 3.00 pm

DISCUSSION: The Novelist as historian

Chaired by Ed Tonkyn

 Saturday 14th March 8.00 pm

Michael Holroyd, D J Taylor and

American writer LaShonda Katrice Barnett

Chaired by D J Taylor

Sunday 15 March 11.00 am

Louise Doughty and Jill Dawson

Chaired by Christopher Bigsby

Sunday 15 March 3.0 pm

DISCUSSION: Censorship of Fiction

It is 200 years since the death of the Marquis de Sade, and 100 years since D H Lawrence’s

The Rainbow was published, prosecuted and suppressed. Where are we now?

Chaired by Christopher Bigsby