‍Poetry festival 2009 archive

‍Friday 25th September


‍Moniza Alvi

‍Michael Hulse

‍and from France

‍Valérie Rouzeau with her translator Susan Wicks

‍Saturday 26th September


‍Discussion by the writers

‍chaired by Michael Hulse

‍The Public Face of Poetry

‍If poetry is anti-establishment, do writers need to aspire

‍to public office? The writers might say whether they

‍would have accepted the post of

‍Poet Laureate or Professor of Poetry at Oxford

‍Saturday 26th September


‍Lachlan Mackinnon

‍Pascale Petit

‍and Basque poet Eli Tolaretxipi

‍Saturday 26th September


‍Annie Freud

‍Celebrating his 80th birthday Peter Porter

‍Kit Wright

‍Sunday 27th September


‍From Russia

‍Larissa Miller with her translator Richard McKane

‍John Hartley Williams

‍ Sunday 27th September


‍Inspiration and Enlightenment

‍The poets describe which writers have been most significant

‍to them in their personal development.

‍Chaired by Michael Hulse