Poetry festival 2013 archive

Friday 27th September 7.30pm

Helen Ivory

Michael Hulse

John Fuller

Saturday 28th September 11.00am


Inspiration perspiration and autobiography:

the writers will consider where their art comes from.

Chaired by Ed Tonkyn.

Saturday 28th September 3.00pm

Caroline Gilfillan

Rhian Gallagher

Carrie Etter

Saturday 28th September 8.00pm

Kit Wright

C K Stead

Jackie Wills

Sunday 29th September 11.00am

Louis de Bernières

Anthony Thwaite

in conversation with Ann Thwaite, in respect of his literary life and poems

Sunday 29th September



Roy Fuller, George Barker, Dylan Thomas

With the centenaries of their birth, the panel, under the chairmanship of John Fuller, will look at their poems and lives and consider their position in the poetic legend