Here is a printable version of the programme of events for the next festival.

Venue: Town Hall, Saturday Market Place, King’s Lynn PE30 5DQ. Near, but not on, the riverside on the historic southside of the town centre. Look for St Margaret’s Minster. The Town Hall is opposite that, next door-but-one to Market Bistro.

You’ll need some change for the public car parks - they have 24hr parking fees. Church Street NCP is very strict on ticketing for over-stays, so beware. There are limited spaces outside the venue on the Saturday Market Place, there’s an NCP just around the corner on Church Street, or along the Quayside.

Do please leave ample time to grab a drink and get seated for the listed start time. Doors open half an hour before the start.

Entry to the festival is £8.50

The Weekend’s Events                                            

Friday 27 September, 7.30pm  

Elisabeth Sennitt Clough

Matthew Caley

Helen Ivory

Saturday 28th September, 11.00am  


Is Poetry Better Served By 

Readers Or Listeners?

Chaired by John Lucas, with contributions from the writers and audience

Saturday 28th September, 3.00pm  

Sue Burge

Kit Fan

Nick Drake

Saturday 28th September, 8.00pm  

Jo Shapcott

Tim Liardet

Sunday 29th September, 11.00am  

John Greening

Adam Feinstein will present his translations of the great 

Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda

Sunday 29th September, 3.00pm  

In Memoriam Matthew Sweeney, with Mary Noonan

Chaired by John Lucas, with contributions from the writers