Contacts, sponsors and interesting links

Big thanks to Hawkins Ryan Solicitors, King's Lynn's Stuart House Hotel, Norfolk Fender Seats, and Andy Williams Decorating for support by purchasing advertising space in festival programmes. Click their ad, right, for websites.

These festivals don't organise themselves, you know. The hugely talented, attractive and witty committee members who beaver away all year to bring you these wonderful weekends are: Chairman Tony Ellis, Viv Scott, Rob Elwes, Andrew Williams, William Kerkham, Gillian Piggott and Rachel Hepworth.

Please help keep the pages turning and consider joining our £5-a-month supporters’ club. You'll be included in an occasional raffle (prizes of books and cash) and can obtain a festival weekend pass at half price (usually £37.50), for one festival a year. Funds generated are used exclusively to help finance our festivals. Please contact us for details - thank you.

Recent winners of the Supporters' raffle: A H Cave, M J Cliffe, Mrs H Davison, Mr and Mrs A D Moseley, A J Williams, Mrs W R Knowles, David and Carol Savage, E D Chaplin, 

Mrs H Davison.

What if just knowing what a word meant could help feed hungry people around the world? Well, at FreeRice it does. 

Writers’ Centre Norwich is an important literature development agency specialising in talent development, international working and innovation in the worlds of writing and reading. Lots of events and lots to see on its website .

‍ Great presents and stuff at

You can enjoy listening here, free of charge , to the voices of contemporary poets and of poets from the past.

This is poetry for the digital age. Forget about waiting months for even an acknowledgement. With Ink-Sweat-And-Tears, you could be published within the hour.

Another Festival friend, Arc publishes contemporary poetry from new and established writers from the UK and abroad. We introduce many of their writers to our poetry audience.